About Heavenly Delights

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About Heavenly Delights


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Heavenly Delights Has Catered to the Celebrities You Love!


Televisions Shows:


According to Jim Ace In the Hole
Everybody Hates Chris The Bernie Mack Show
Desperate Housewives Friends with Benefits
Gary Unmarried Girlfriends
Greek Heroes
One on One Romantically Challenged
Samantha Who The Game
Wizards of Waverly Place


Big Screen Movies:


Not Easily Broken


About Heavenly Delights…


About Heavenly Delights Cobblers

Discovering a "special dessert" was a life-changing event for Lanier Edwards, a former successful working actor and stuntman; he say’s his life changed when he met a brother by the name of Jerome with a dessert called "Peach Delight" at a "Real Men Cook" fundraiser event.


Lanier was “blown away” by the amazing flavor of "Peach Delight"  and Jerome blessed him with the secret recipe!


Less than a year later, he started his own business, "Heavenly Delights Cobblers," featuring Peach Delight w/Pecans, Apple Delight w/Walnuts, Blackberry Delight w/Almonds, Blueberry Delight w/Almonds, Caramel Apple Delight w/Walnuts, Pineapple Coconut Delight w/Almonds


“Heavenly Delights” has had a "whirlwind effect" on people ever since it’s start, with everything from constant repeat orders, to customers claiming to be addicted to the dessert!


What are the ingredients?  "It's a secret, he won't tell.” No one can resist Heavenly Delights..."What all cobblers want to be when they grow up"™


We are looking forward to serving you!


Have A Heavenly Delightful Day!

About Heavenly Delights Cobblers
About Heavenly Delights Cobblers