What Are People Saying About Heavenly Delights?

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Thursday, 25 November 2010 06:01

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This stuff is amazing, I always get the blueberry almond cobbler. Little pricey but well worth it.

Chris W.
Culver City, CA

Does anyone know what the "secret ingredient" in Heavenly Delights is?  If you do, please share it with me!  There is a "secret ingredient" in those melt in your mouth delicacies that alter the mind, and transports your mood to another stratosphere!  Members come out of church on Sunday, mid-service, to make sure that their favorite "Delight" flavor won't be sold out by the time church is over... I am serious!

My favorite flavor, "Peach Delight," is the perfect mix of peaches, butter, sugar, spices, etc, the usual ingredients that make peach cobblers taste great, with the addition of a special pecan crust, which I absolutely love!  But there is still that "extra special" something, that darn (I did say DARN) "secret ingredient" in "Heavenly Delights" that makes it so delicious, and "I JUST CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHAT THE INGREDIENT IS!"

H B.
Los Angeles, CA

The first time I tried this stuff I was amazed!  I'd heard great things about it but I had no idea what I was missing, its WONDERFUL!!  Its not too sweet but just sweet enough.  Then I found out that he lets the natural sugars from the fruit sweeten the delight...genius!

Los Angeles, CA

This is the most perfect rendition of Amazing Grace written in the key of peaches.

Jon A.
Atlanta, GA

My problem is that I cannot share this dessert with my husband! It is soooo good that I will buy two and hide them!! It is not too sweet and the pecans, peaches, and the secret ingredients blend so well together, it really is worth the price.

Jane S.
Los Angeles, CA